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GTR  Stealth Package GTR Super Stock 7 plate clutch kit GTR Samurai Package
GTR Stealth Package
Our Price: $1,999.99
GTR Samurai Package
Our Price: $6,499.00
The RIP Tuning Stealth Package for the GTR is designed for those who are looking to gain 50 hp and 50 torque (with custom tune from
RIP Tuning) and retain the stock appearance and sound of the GTR. Hence the Stealth name for the package. This package includes a HKS midpipe and a Cobb Accessport V3. If sound is a major issue a HKS silenced midpipe can be substituted for a quieter exhaust note.
Super Stock 7 plate clutches good to 650 ft/lbs tourque
Oil line Pressure sender X2 for A and B baskets
Magnet kit
Internal transmission filter
RIP Tuning introduces the Samurai package a complete bolt on package for the factory engine and turbos. The Samurai package will make 600 HP to the rear wheels and deliver mid 10 second passes in the high 120 mph range on pump gas and street tires. It is truely a street weapon and incredibly fun.

The Samurai package includes:

-Cobb downpipes
-HKS Legamax Exhuast
-HKS Midpipe
-Cobb SF intake
-Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
-DW300 drop in fuel pumps
-Cobb Access Port V3

* In warmer climates RIP Tuning recommends a street intercooler with the Samurai package as the factory turbos are being pushed to the limits and can create higher than desired charge air temperatures. The intercooler is an additional charge.
GTR Kamikaze package
GTR Kamikaze package
Our Price: $20,999.99
The Kamikaze package takes the the Samurai package to another level by adding turbos, race intercooler, intercooler piping, Blow off valves, speed density converstion, and clutches. When the stock turbos are maxed out and you want more this is your package. Expect low 700 HP to the wheels on pump gas and over 800 HP on race fuel. This is enough power to get your GTR well into the 9's! Build the engine and this package will get you over 1000 hp to the wheels with the 58mm turbos.

Kamikaze package includes:

- Cobb downpipes
- HKS Legamax Exhuast
- HKS Midpipe
- Cobb SF intake
- Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
- DW300 drop in fuel pumps
- 55 or 58mm incuder stock frame triple ball bearing turbos
- Speed Density Conversion
- Race spec intercooler and piping
- Tial BOV's
- Clutches for 800 ft/lbs

-Cobb Access Port V3

*Built Engine and Transmission are needed to achieve 1000 hp and 8 second quarter mile passes this kit is capable of producing. Pricing does not include installation.